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The True Meaning of a Clarendon Christmas

The True Meaning of a Clarendon Christmas

Christmas is such a special time of year for everyone. Times are difficult for all our families at the moment and as a school we have prioritised what we consider to be the ‘True Meaning of Christmas’ – spending time with family and friends and giving thanks for these...

Parent STEM Workshop – Years 5 and 6

Parent STEM Workshop – Years 5 and 6

Today was the final day of our parent STEM workshops for British Science Week and we invited parents an carers from year 5 and 6 in to join their children in completing their investigations and exploring the lines of scientific inquiry. We created skittles rainbows,...

STEM at Clarendon

The science team at Clarendon has achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark, GILT Award, to aid achieve this mark we worked to build our children’s science capital. This is the notion that through a variety of activities and given opportunities, children will want to continue to study science into further education, eventually pursuing a career in an area of science.
To build a science capital we have put emphasis on the importance of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). To do this we have introduced half termly STEM activities into our science lessons. A STEM activity can be a practical activity which all the children can be involved in. The activity will tie the STEM subjects together and allow children to develop their science, computing, mathematical, and engineering skills. So far we have completed computer programming activities using microbits and SAM Labs, we have had a times tables rockstar day, been on school trips, created our own lava lamps, made a skittle rainbow, learnt about careers in science and we can’t wait to continue our STEM activities throughout the year.
The WOWs are recorded in STEM learning journals which will follow each class of children through the school. The learning journals show variety of exciting and engaging science activities alongside the progress of each class from EYFS to year 6.

STEM Ambassadors
STEM Ambassadors are professionals who work within a science, technology, engineering or mathematical background; all of whom have been trained and are registered with STEM Learning. Through a range of activities STEM Ambassadors aim to inspire children to want to join the world of STEM subjects and careers. We aim to have STEM Ambassadors visiting each class at Clarendon once a half term to share their expertise and work alongside our children.

Professor Bubbleworks visited school for a science day. He shared a variety of exciting practical activities with our children. We had so much fun!

Year 3 created Skittles rainbows as part of their STEM WOWs

Children from years 5 and 6 were invited tot he University of Bolton for an engineering day. We experienced lots of STEM activities and had lots of fun! Some of us may even want to continue studying STEM subjects after learning more about them.

Mr Hawken from STEM Junior came to visit year 1. He helped us use STEM to create our own moving toys.

Year 4 had lots of fun studying electricity.

All the children in school get to experience our amazing Forest School with Miss Milson. Forest School experiences often link with many of our STEM subjects.

SAMs Labs and Microbits kits were brought into school, all the children were able to use them and link them into their STEM subjects.

Beatrice the STEM Ambassador visited year 1. She brought lots of practical activities with her and year 1 had so much fun talking about her job.

Science Club

Science club created fire extinguishers! It was amazing! We asked lots of questions and used lots of our inquiry skills.

We created Volcanoes for our STEM WOW in Year 1.