The Governing Board at Clarendon Primary School is a very effective and hard-working group that does an important job.  Thy are responsible for ensuring that the school achieves its potential and provides good value to money for all of the children.

The Governors do not get involved with the daily running of the school as this is managed very effectively by Mrs Chatterjee and her team.  They do however get involved with overseeing the school’s development plans, which includes buildings, organisation, staffing and the curriculum.

Members of the Governing Board come from all walks of like; some are parents of children at the school, others are representatives from the Local Authority, the local community and school staff.

The Governors meet formally as a whole group three times a year.  Smaller groups meet more regularly to discuss specific issues such as finance, health & safety, management and personnel.

The Governing Board are dedicated to driving forward standards in school.  

If you are interested in becoming a Governor please let your interest be known by speaking to Mrs Chatterjee or Mrs Davoy-Wood (Chair of Governors)

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