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Adaptive teaching

As a school community we believe our children possess unique  gifts and qualities, and as such they have the right to succeed, recognise their own greatness, and develop who they are in a respectful and caring environment. Our school ethos is firmly rooted in our values with a ‘love of learning’ being at the foundation of everything we do…so that ‘Together We Shine’.

Our Leadership and teaching team continually demonstrate the school’s inclusive values. From leadership and management and shared accountability for everyone, through the design of the school’s bespoke curriculum, the careful considerations within the learning environment for all our children, rigorous systems for behaviour and attitudes to learning alongside their personal development.

Our curriculum identifies and anticipates potential barriers to learning that our children might face before teaching as normal practise. Plans are made to address those barriers and assessment for learning, in real time, determines immediate adaptations. The use of daily assessment teases out evidence from the children to assess their acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Every child learns at different rates and requires different levels of support from adults to succeed. As a school, we pride ourselves on how we take the time to get to know the explicit needs of all our children to learn about them, and to understand children’s differences. This includes different levels of prior knowledge and potential barriers to their learning.

Adapting teaching by providing targeted support to children who are struggling improves their success in everything they do. All school policies reflect the inclusion of strategies for adaptive teaching for every area within school life.

We regularly have parental engagement sessions showcasing how their children learn at school, modelling how we teach their children and how they too can support at home. Reading, phonics, maths, online safety workshops are held every term with all year groups across the year. Opportunities for families to regularly come into school and learning together in history, geography and reading lessons allows parents the chance to see the quality, personalised provision for all our children.

Parent classes are coordinated for specific groups to aide understanding of specific needs and teaching strategies deployed at school to accelerate progress for their children.

Examples of everyday adaptive practise that all children have equal access to whilst at school:

  • Personalised writing Challenge Fans at age related expectations – personalised support with grammar and punctuation developing independence and resilience
  • Personalised reading domains Challenge Fans at age related expectations – personalised support with question stems
  • Personalised reading skills mats with small step strategies how to read and comprehend a text
  • Individual knowledge organisers for the majority of subjects with tiered vocabulary mats on the reverse for each unit of work
  • All vocabulary mats are presented with ‘communication in print’ images alongside the word
  • Cuisenaire rods for all children
  • Maths tool kits are on each table containing individual laminated resource templates such as number lines, tens frames, bar models, part whole models, fraction/ decimal walls as well as a variety of manipulatives
  • Working walls for each subject scaffold the learning at appropriate levels for every child. Clear teacher and child led models are shown each day to support discussion and independent learning
  • All children are screened for visual stress
  • Online platform subscriptions set at personalised levels used in and outside of school for maths, reading, phonics, spelling and grammar & punctuation for every child
  • Intensive speech, language and communication interventions
  • Emotion coaching for all children
  • Tint and Track on all classroom screens
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