Physical Education


Clarendon’s P.E. Curriculum makes a significant contribution to all children’s emotional, intellectual, personal and social development, particularly their self-esteem. P.E. promotes positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles and teaches our children the benefits of participation in physical activity while at school and throughout life. This curriculum provides our children with opportunities, responsibilities and experiences which can then be applied in order to foster a life-long participation in physical activity. The school values children of all backgrounds and cultures recognising the wealth of experiences and promoting these to reach their full potential and to feel as positive as possible about this aspect of their lives.

At Clarendon, our P.E. curriculum is set up so that there are clear goals and outcomes set throughout the school. Our curriculum is planned and sequenced in a clear and progressive way so that knowledge and skills are continually being built on. The curriculum reflects the context of the school by addressing gaps in knowledge and skill. Our school offers a holistic and inclusive curriculum that can be accessed by all children.

Clarendon’s P.E. curriculum aims:
• A holistic and inclusive curriculum following the Real P.E. scheme.
• Continuous development of staff CPD to maintain high quality teaching and learning of P.E.
• Variety of opportunities for extracurricular learning.
• Rigorous and consistent assessment to ensure each child reaches their full potential.


The P.E. team at Clarendon ensures that the curriculum is consistently embedded and taught throughout the school. We encompass a holistic approach so that all of our children are provided with many opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing, achievement, confidence, communication skills and an enjoyment of physical activity.

The way Clarendon implements the P.E. curriculum:
• Teaching and learning: All of our children are included within every P.E. lesson, which is shown through high levels of engagement. The Real P.E. Scheme is used effectively at Clarendon by all members of staff, meaning that teaching and learning if of a high standard. Our children are assessed at the start of the half term and then half termly assessments are carried out to identify the progress. This assessment framework that links directly with the national curriculum and the needs of all children.
• Health and wellbeing: At Clarendon, positive health and wellbeing of our children is at the forefront of all we do. We recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making positive life choices. As a school, we work alongside parents/carers and local community to promote health and wellbeing.
• Staff training and support: The P.E team at Clarendon have a sustained commitment to improve the quality first teaching that our children receive through continuous professional development. Teachers are in contact with the subject leaders of P.E. to develop a team teach approach to help staff to develop their own confidence and self-esteem.
• Enrichment and competitive opportunities: At Clarendon, we provide our children with a wide range of opportunities to take part in extra-curricular programmes as well as school based and external prospects. Positive relationships are established amongst staff and our clubs provide a range of enrichment and opportunities that are accessed by the majority of our children. At Clarendon, we foster a healthy competition policy and develop this through our strong awareness and links with the school games programme.
• Children’s confidence in leading: During our P.E. lessons, and other opportunities throughout school, children are given the opportunity to lead and demonstrate examples of good practice. We provide our children with a diverse range of opportunities for children to lead in different parts of the lesson. We offer training for children leading and supported by teachers to develop their skills and confidence.
• Children’s communication skills: At Clarendon, we understand the importance of developing children who are able to communicate with others. Teachers encourage communication in P.E. lessons by allowing children chance to lead and coach other children. Our children are also given time to provide feedback to other children, further enhancing their communication skills.
• Children’s enjoyment of sports and physical activity: At Clarendon, we offer our children a wide range of different activities in curriculum time as well as extra curricula time. We pride ourselves on our well established lunchtime and afterschool activities which allow children to experience and explore a wide variety of sports.


The impact of Clarendon’s P.E. curriculum is clear as our assessment shows clear evidence of progression and the knowledge and skills our children have learnt. Our curriculum offers a breadth of experiences and cultural capital to impart the knowledge and skills required to succeed.