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EGGcellent fun

During Forest Schools this week, Y6B took part in a STEM activity.


The children were only able to use straws, a stick, pipe cleaners and string. The variety of inventions was amazing and they were all completely different. We learnt about the ‘Centrifugal Force’, which is all about internal forces.

Fire fun



When we became Peter Pan and Yasmin Qureshi made a wand with us



Storm Ciara ruins The Stick Mans village!

During Storm Ciara, Stick Man suffered an unfortunate mishap. His village and his family blew away.

But, do not worry! 5M today figured out how we could make everything better. Stick Man goes on many adventures throughout the book and we created a whole new world for Stick Man and his family.

Here are some pictures of what we have achieved so far. How do you think the Stick Man will feel?





On Friday, we became Kings and Queens for the day. What do they need? Swords and crowns!

We designed our own swords and attached them with square lashing knots.



Materials and Shapes Year 2


EYFS Obstacle courses and King Mud’s cake

We played the FLOOR IS LAVA today during Forest Schools. Reception and Nursery had to work out how they could get from A to B- without touching the floor. The determination and resilience was fantastic. They problem solved and worked as a team to complete the challenge set during today’s session! Afterwards, Miss Milson received a very important phone call from  King Mud. It was his birthday today but sadly, he has never had a birthday cake! The children decided it would be nice to make one for him, complete with balloons and candles.



Indoor/Outdoor Hamma Beads

Year 2 have made Hamma Beads as part of practicing their fine motor skills. This will help us with handwriting and coordination.


Festive Logs

We created snowy logs- complete with pines, lavender, pine cones and glitter. We put a Christmas candle on to light 🙂

Glitter Lamps

Using recyclable plastics- one of the Year 6 girls lead our Forest School session yesterday and designed Glitter Lamps with the rest of the children.

Icy Art

We created art from water and nature. Inside our transparent cups we added pieces of the outside world and special gems. We made wishes. When these gems melt, our wishes will come true!

Maths Fractions- Y6 style.

Working outside in the mud can be productive- it is not all just about mess! We created fractions and fraction family pies.

2J and 5C worked together to put up our bird, bat and bee houses. We put out bird feeders and we had a lovely time- we had to get up high and get down low.

The creation of a masterpiece.

We created the PERFECT outdoor display, to help adults and children learn how to protect our very special planet. This is visible from the road, so even passers by can see it. Miss Milson was so impressed that she has sent this off as evidence to The Woodland Trust.

During a rainy Monday, we took part in a Nature Hunt. We put on our coats and went into the Allotment to see what we could find. Conkers, shells, leaves and pine cones. At the end, we all gathered a handful of leaves and threw them into the air like confetti. Look at the smiles on our faces 🙂 Autumn is Miss Milsons favourite season and she is determined to show the children how fun rainy days and autumn leaves can be!


Year 6 made some cosy hedgehog houses for the garden at school. They made them using DT skills and varnished them to keep them environmentally friendly.

Forest School Club then decorated their own leaf hedgehogs. Aren’t they fabulous!

The teachers came outside 🙂

Pumpkins don’t have to be carved into scary faces!

Yesterday, we painted them to make them glamorous and a little bit different to what you would usually expect to see. We wanted to show that all pumpkins are unique and don’t have to look like all the others! Using paint and sequins, we created some true masterpieces.


Using our pumpkin shell from our last session- we cooked with today on the fire. We made a cake mixture and filled our pumpkin. We then left it to bake on the fire. Whilst it was baking, we had chance to explore.

Pumpkin Investigations with 4A.

In our entrance hall, we now have an interactive wormery! Take a look for the tracks that the worms make through the sand and soil, looking for food and creating worm-ways. Check our learning journey for updates.

Year 3 built a castle!

We became Kings and Queen’s of the jungle during yesterdays session. We had a mix of children from Year 1 to Year 6, working together to create their crowns. Can you spot the minuscule snail?


A mixture of knots and creativity this session lent us a mixture of makes. We created our very own tickle swords, using square lashings and rain sticks- a  bit like a magic wand- to either wish for (or wish for no more) rain!

We designed new wildlife beds- ready for the bees and bugs to move in for Autumn/ Winter. We used resources from all over the garden; wood for shelters and bricks for the animals to hide under. Working as a team, we created a wonderful set of habitats.

Yesterday, 2V picked their own apples off the tree in our Allotment. We washed them and then relaxed in the hammock whilst eating them.

This week, we made our own hot chocolate around the camp fire- we lit the fire and made the mixture ourselves.

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