Inclusive Schools Award

In January 2023, we were proudly awarded IQM’s Inclusive Schools Award.

Over a 2-day assessment period, we welcomed an assessor into school who made judgements on the following elements:

Element 1: The Inclusive values of the School

Element 2: Leadership and management and Accountability

Element 3: Curriculum, Structure, Pupil Engagement and Adaption

Element 4: Teaching and Learning – Learning Environment, Planning, Resources, Pedagogy

Element 5: Assessment

Element 6: Behaviour, Attitudes to Learning and personal Development

Element 7: Parents, Carers and guardians

Element 8: Links with Local, Wider and Global Community

Meetings were held with:
• Headteacher
• Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion
• Deputy Headteacher for Curriculum and Assessment
• IQM lead
• Pupils, including pupils from leadership roles, interventions and with individual
• Teaching Assistants (TAs) for Life Skills
• Teachers
• Governor
• Learning Mentor
• Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) team
• Special Educational Needs (SEN) Assistants
• Parents

Several parents made the following comments:

• “My child needs the inclusion at Clarendon and I trust the staff that this will continue
as they move through the school.”
• “I have attended every single workshop for parents and I have learnt how to help my
child at home and how best to support them. All of the staff are brilliant here. My
children have had brilliant experiences ever since joining in Reception.”
• “It is an honour for us as parents to be able to come here today to speak to you about
Clarendon. I didn’t know a school could give so much help to a family.”

  • Children spoke confidently about their experiences at Clarendon. Comments such as:
    • “School cares for me and my family.”
    • “I use the working wall and then I’m not so confused.”
    • “This is a really good school. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”
    • “Everyone’s kind around us. They make you feel it’s ok to talk, feel happy and calm.
    Then if you tell them a worry, they take it out in small bits and work on it and by the
    end of the week, you feel relieved.”
  • “I wouldn’t change anything because I think everything is perfect just as it is.
    Everything is really nice; a nice environment, nice friendly staff who are funny.

To view the full 18 page report, click here