Butter Making

We mixed, poured, stirred and made our own butter from scratch! tter Makin

Apple Pies

How lucky are we? We got to pick own apples from the school garden.Years ago, the apple trees were planted behind our outdoor classroom. After picking and peeling our apples, we safely chopped and then followed the steps given to us by Mrs Ismail and Mrs Heywood  and...

Our Growing Tower

Our Growing Tower Over the Autumn Term, school acquired a growing tower to help us growing leafy vegetables over the winter months. The ultraviolet lights and water feature (water on a contact carousel throughout the system) mean that growing happens at a rapid rate....

Growing Tower

GROWING TOWER! We are lucky enough to acquire a growing tower at school. This grows leafy vegetables in record time by using a special recycling water system.  

Life Skills- Gardening and Cooking

A Full Allotment We have now planted our allotment, full of winter vegetables ready for Mrs Ismail to cook with. We planted vegetables such as squash, spinach, winter chard and some vegetables we had never heard of. However, we researched them and worked out the best...