During the Summer term year 1 will be focusing on new Science, Geography and History topics.

Our topic for Summer 1 in both Science and Geography will be the seasons. We will be focusing on the weather, the changes in the seasons, the climate, the clouds, naming the seasons, observing changes in the weather and discussing how the length of a day can vary.

Our topics for Summer 2 are Kings and Queens (History) and Animals Including Humans (Humans) (Science).

In science we will be focusing on naming the parts of the human body, identifying and linking the senses and comparing bodies of humans and animals.

In History we will be focusing on the monarchy, castles, William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings and our current Queen, Queen Elizabeth II.

We hope over the Easter holidays you can begin to research and discuss our new and very exciting topics.


The Year 1 team!