Our Learning Objective for Summer Term is exploring ‘How do we show we care for others?’

During summer term we will be learning all about how we can show we care for others, we will be exploring the different ways in which we may show others we care and we will be talking all about the different people we each care for.

We will cover a selection of Learning Challenges to ensure we meet our object, including: 

  • What is caring?

We will learn to understand what it means to care for someone and how this can be done. We will learn how caring for others can be shown in many different ways. We aim to ensure the children realise everyone is equal.

  • How can we be a good friend?

We will be discussing what we each believe is fair and unfair and why? All children may have different ideas about this, which we will share as a class. We will also be discussing what we each believe is right and wrong and again exploring how each child may have different ideas about this. We will talk about what it means to be a good friend and what the right things to do are.

  • How can we show that we care?

We will be developing an understanding of what it means to be a good friend and identify ways in which we can help others. The children will be able to share how they show they are a good friend to others. We will also be exploring all the ways in which we care for others, this may be in many different ways and towards many different people.

  • Who we should care for?

We will be discussing all the different people we all care for and why. As a class we will talk about who we each believe we should care for and also how we care for each of them.

During Summer Term we will also be visiting a local care home, where the children will have the opportunity to meet with elderly people and see how they are cared for everyday.