To all our Clarendon Family

Just because we aren’t together at the moment, doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about you all. Over the past few days, the staff have been putting together something special, especially for you, to show how much we miss you and are thinking of you....

In Summer 1, Year 5’s topics are the following: History- Anglo Saxons Science – Forces

How do people live through good times and through hard times?

These are the objectives we will be using to help us LC: Why do people bully others?  LC: How does bullying affect your life? Talk about bullying, why is it unacceptable? How are we making a person feel? LC: Identify a  Christian leader who talked about peace and...

World Book Day

Our World Book Day Chapter starts at Clarendon.. We are so lucky- on Friday 6th March- we celebrated World Book Day. We showcased all our learning about the authors we have been looking at in class. We were visited by MP Yasmin Qureshi.