What will year 2 be doing in the Summer term?

During the Summer term year 2 will be focusing on new Science, Geography and History topics. Our topic for Summer 1 in both Science will be Living Things and their Habitats and our History topic will be about The Great Fire of London. Our topics for Summer 2 topic for...

STEM Parent Workshop – Years 1 and 2

This morning we had lots of fun in our parent STEM workshop. We discussed the importance of STEM subjects and explored a variety of different activities that link to the five lines of scientific inquiry. We investigated the Hot Wires Kits and created our own circuits,...


Learning all about mobile phones and what went inside them was the topic for our STEM wow this week. We watched a video on how mobile phones have evolved over the years- we couldn’t believe the difference.         

2J Enterprise Week

For enterprise week,we did market research about what products people would like to buy from us. We decided on wrapping paper. We designed a tally chart of different designs and did a survey in our class. ​ ​ ​