We would like to say thank you to all of the parents, carers and children that have attended out STEM Parent Workshops as part of British Science Week 2020.

We have had lots of fun and we have learned lots of new things that can be used at home as well!

We have explored the five lines of scientific inquiry (observation over time, pattern seeking, comparative and fair testing, identifying, grouping and classifying and research) and have completed some amazing activities that link with many of them.

We created our own rainbows using skittles, water and food dye. We put out fires using our homemade fire extinguishers. We made spinners fly and buzzers buzz using the Hot Wires kits. We created levers and pulleys using K’Nex, We tackled obstacles and bowled skittles over using the Spheros balls and we made raisins dance.

We have had the best few days in our STEM Workshops.