Spring 1 – PE

Our cog is social. We learnt how to attack, defend and give helpful feedback whilst playing different games.

Spring 1 – Science

Our topic this half term was all about our bodies. We looked at how blood moves around our bodies and how we can hurt and help our body.

Spring 1 – Learning Links

This half term, our topic was ‘Does our world need saving?’ We learnt a lot of things about how we are damaging our planets and what we can do to save it. We did some amazing writing with our knowledge.

Crucial Crew

We went on our Crucial Crew trip. Here, we met lots of different people who taught us a different message on how to stay safe and look after ourselves, including police officers and transport police. We learnt a lot.

Spring 1 – Writing

This half term in writing, we have done a lot of work on Macbeth. We have written narratives, diaries, newspapers but our favourite was a debate. Macbeth: hero or villain? We wrote down our ideas and discuss them together… watch our video to see what we...